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#1 Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur
Bart is a growth expert dedicated to
helping others achieve their goals.

Analytical, strategic, creative visionary and entrepreneur known for agility, systematic planning, accessible leadership,
and financial acuity. Excels in dynamic, diverse environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.


- A Thirst For Knowledge as a Perpetual Student Is What Enables Consistent Growth -
Upon the sale of ActivHealth to Nurtur - part of Centene Corportation, a Fortune 500 Company - I learned my passion and expertise is best utilized in an entrepreneurial environment.

This led to the formation of GoFirst: Solutions, a consulting business designed to leverage years of industry
experience and consultative relationships with distinctive benefits for our clients. Focus is on assisting the advancement of business needs and strategies, which included early-stage launch and growth support of Benezon, a healthcare advocacy service.

Barton Sheeler

#1 Best-Selling Author and
Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Founded and built three $1MM++ businesses from ground up, in various
industries including consumer services, information technology, and
healthcare advocacy, earning reputation for forward-thinking innovation,
brand building savvy, and collaborative leadership.

Years Experience

Bart is a growth expert dedicated to
helping others achieve their goals.
Wisdom and unwavering tenacity define
character and drive to take companies
to ever-increasing heights.

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Book Collaborations and Contributing Authorships

Engaging Wellness –
Corporate Wellness Programs
That Work

  • Effective Engagement
    Strategies [Chapter 1]
  • Using Health Assessments
    for Behavior Change [Chapter 3]

Life & Death Decisions in

  • Understanding
    Healthcare Costs are a
    Variable Expense [Case

“A History of Leadership, Innovation and Recognition”

A long and fruitful career in numerous industries has brought recognition along the way. Below are a few notable events
from each of the various career stops over the years.

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